Courtney kovarik  |

Courtney graduated from KPU’s CIDA accredited interior design program in 2021. She has always had a strong passion for design. Courtney loves the immerse, tactile and multifaceted aspects of interior design. She often finds her inspiration to be driven through empathy and curiosity. Courtney views residential interior design as a real treasure. Being able to positively impact the everyday lives of the clients she works with directly is gratifying. In her future, Courtney hopes to continue learning and growing in the interior design field. 

junior designer

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rebecca hepburn   |

Rebecca’s design approach is rooted in honest living and connection. From this space, she is able to understand her client’s lifestyle and daily needs, which she feels should be reflected in the character and style of their home. She is inspired by the natural world and seeks to bring the elements of nature into her work. She believes materials should serve the user in both form and function. Her holistic approach results in homes that are built to last and designed to age gracefully.

owner, lead designer

Lauren Jo Home

The space you live in and the things you surround yourself with directly influence your life.

We're a residential interior design firm with a passion for creating thoughtful homes. With a strong focus on purpose, material and the beauty that joins these two elements, our approach is highly personal and collaborative. We work seamlessly with professionals across all trades with beautiful results.

A team of kind-hearted creatives, we balance a strong work ethic with a natural paced life. Happy, healthy minds create beautiful work.

Since 2010, Rebecca Hepburn. has been a valuable source of inspiration for natural home and lifestyle design. Fairness, vibrant innovation social innovation outcomes. Systems thinking policymaker improve the world; green space mobilize green space movements.

I absolutely love the simplicity and sophisticated feel of the designs. From a user standpoint, it is very easy to navigate allowing me the ability to add all of the important details my clients need.

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