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Elegance is often created with fixtures and colour. Things like brass knobs or trims that have been matched to the floors create a cohesive design. Playing with calm, soothing greys and deep, moody greens show as a smooth palette. Adding these understated details together brings a very simple, beautiful elegance.

This project was a renovation and extension for a family of five. It’s beautiful, with a lot of natural light, and a sort of bistro-pub influence. Deep forest green cabinets and aged brass in the kitchen lend to a soothing and warm palette. This mood is carried into the en suite bathroom through warm grey tones.

Meticulous matching of oak flooring in pattern, trims and casing; staying true to the house’s original aesthetic. In the bathrooms, we kept everything simple, but incorporated simple patterns with the tile to match the project vision. Ultimately, this house feels timeless and elegant, easily something I’ll look back at in 10 years and still be in love with.

curious to see the "befores"

The ability to be nimble and pivot with a design is essential to a successful project. We nail 80% of a design with detailed 2D and 3D renderings, leaving the last 20% to be a little more fluid. It sets things up for success by opening the door for collaboration with contractors, tradesmen, and the client.  On an actual job site during construction we have to be open to making decisions that may not have been mapped out on paper, or making small adjustments based on new information learned once the actual framing is uncovered.

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