whistler retreat

This home was originally built in the 70’s. Set in a beautiful, wilderness-like area with blackberry bushes and obvious visits from local bears in the spring and summertime. The views are magnificent and breathtaking.

It’s a spectacular home that glows beautifully at night, which, for me is a lovely reflection of this wonderful couple and their vision for their family.

Wanting to retain the feeling of warmth and connectedness to nature that the original layout held, we stripped and re-stained the original cedar ceiling in the great room. The beautiful, green sofas, paired with a subtly aged dining table and really beautiful ceramics that were, kind of, in-between new and found pieces all come together to balance the space in just the right way.

This is a second home for this family, and because they host a lot, they didn't want things to be too precious. They wanted it to be easy to come and go. Looking ahead to the days when their children will come and go on their own, one of our goals with this project was to allow for ease within its walls. Ease of cleaning, of living and ease of being with the people they love.

curious to see the "befores"

We removed a wall in the kitchen, allowing us to create a really large, vast kitchen with a generously sized island. The laundry room became a cheerful, light space, as did the mud room and bathrooms. Each space blending well with the next, creating a balanced, calm and inviting home.

behind the design

Where we started