yale street

Perched on the ocean overlooking the north shore of east Vancouver, this home has a magnificent view. This home was a new build for a lovely family with young children.

With a rental suite in the basement, a rooftop patio and perfectly placed doors that, when open, allow a beautiful cross breeze of ocean air coming up from the water. There’s a beautiful south-facing backyard where the kids play. It’s really quite lovely from every angle.

The home has a very open concept layout with a generous kitchen and a sweet, little kitchen nook. The generously sized island, you already know, is a favourite of mine. And, while there was no alternative to having the sink in the island, it worked out quite well – creating a space where conversation between the parents (who are cooking) and the little ones (who crawl up into a chair) can happen.

The principal bedroom overlooks the north shore and that breathtaking vista – how amazing to wake up to that every day. White oak and lots of glass make the en suite bathroom really light and bright. 

Overall, the design aesthetic is quite contemporary. The layered whites and neutrals give the home a light, bright feeling with the slightest touch of a farmhouse influence.

Colour has such a big impact on perceived spaces. This home has an open floor plan because the family loves to host. Throughout the house, we chose a very contemporary aesthetic, with a lot of light and bright aspects.

White has such a way of enlarging spaces. In the kitchen, having such a generous area with a wonderful island be enhanced by the colour is truly fantastic.

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